Your Video from Start to Finish

Here at Fort Lauderdale Video Production, we know that keeping our clients informed is a big part of making the entire video production process go smoothly. This means knowing from the beginning exactly what will happen in production, and what your specific role is to play. In order to do this, we have created a guide that goes through each part of the project, so you know exactly what’s happening, every step of the way.

Figure Out Your Audience, Message, and Product

The very first step that needs to be taken in order to get your process started on the right foot is having a clear understanding of who your video’s audience is, what message you would like to convey, and everything there is to know about the product you’re featuring. Knowing these things makes for a clear and consistent video project that will have your goals in mind the whole way through.

Put Together a Core Team and Write the Script

During the entire video process, it’s important to have a key group of people who will work with you to develop your script along with offering input and feedback on the video in its various edits. It’s highly important that this group remains constant, as newcomers and outsiders don’t know your message as well as you do and can often mix up your goals, hampering progress.

With your core team in place, it’s time to develop a script. The main elements to follow while writing your script are as follows:

– Introduce yourself as a business

– Present a problem

– Present a solution to that problem

– Include testimonials if you choose to

– End with a call to action

Hire Voice Talent and Actors

Now it’s time to select any talent that will be involved in your film. If you don’t have and experience in this, our team here at Fort Lauderdale Video Production are experts in selecting the right talent to fit the tone of your script and will be able to offer up some great suggestions.

Collect Media and Film

Filming begins and your script materializes for the first time!

Video at 80%

Our team has now edited and worked on your video to about 80% completion and will show you the current progress.

Feedback and Constructive Input on Your End

Now that you’ve seen the first cut, it’s time to offer any feedback or suggestions. Remember, it’s crucial to stick to the same core team of people!

Video at 90%

The second cut is completed and your video is around 90% done!

More Feedback and Constructive Effort

Here you will be able to provide feedback on the last edit. This is your team’s chance to offer up any final edits or suggestions.

Video at 98% to 100%

Polishing touches are applied and your video approaches completion.

Ready for Send Out

The video is done and ready to be sent out or posted! You now have a shiny new video to call your own!